Axel Hoelzle

Commercial lighting Manager

Axel is passionate about finding the right solution for our clients. As head of NSW Commercial Lighting Sales and Operations, he is skilled at balancing and optimising all technical requirements for a project and presenting exceptional business cases. Underpinning Axels' enthusiasm for energy efficiency and sustainability is his German heritage. He also holds a degree in environmental engineering and management from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Having joined Easy Being Green in 2013, he is well-known in the lighting industry, particularly for his work with some of our larger retrofit projects in the hospitality sector. His skills and knowledge also extend into solar energy, alternative energy generation and other innovative energy efficiency measures.

Axel's attention to detail and objective approach to a project makes him a highly valued member of our team as well as a trusted advisor to our clients.

On the weekends, you'll find Axel cheering on his son at the local soccer fields, at nippers with the family or sailing Sydney Harbor with friends.

Get in touch and a member of our friendly team will make it easy being green.