Philips GreenPerform LED Light Product

Philips GreenPerform

The Philips GreenPerform LED Highbay luminaire is designed to directly replace 400 W conventional high-bays generating significant energy savings without compromising on light quality. The GreenPerform contains a high-quality optics package making it suiable for a range of applications including factories, workshops, warehouses and retail areas.

This is the latest GreenPerform LED Highbay from Philips. This 120W model puts out the same amount of light (16,000 lumens) as the previous 160W model. Don't be misled by the wattage of old stock or competitors! This 120W high bay is brighter than most other 150W(+) highbays on the market.

Feature Options
Wattage 120 W, 150 W
Lumen Output 16000 Lm, 20000 Lm
Lifetime L70 = 50,000hrs
Scheme Approval ESS, VEET

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