System size: 7.8 kW (STC)

Estimated Annual Production: 10,393 kWh

Average Daily Production: 24 kWh/per day

Array location: North-West, Colour bond Matte roof.

Solar Panels

Panel Layout = 2 rows of 6 & 1 row of 14x 300W Solar Edge Smart Module Monocrystalline panels.

Proposed Arrays= 2 x arrays split into one string of 14 and the other 12.

The orientation of a north-west facing roof gives the benefit of peak production during mid-day to the afternoon.

Arrays installed at 32 degree angle to ensure to over-shadowing in winter.


1 × SolarEdge SE6000 · 6000 W inverter selected to maximise system capacity.

Energy Storage

1 × LG Chem RESU10H DC coupled battery 8.82kWh · Lithium-Ion

System efficiency