Easy Being Green LED Tube Light

Over the years commercial lighting has developed. Before, using T8 fluorescent lamp was the common choice of businesses for commercial lighting. At its prime, the fluorescent tube was the energy efficient choice with a decent light output and modest lifespan. But with the arrival of LED technology, the LED tube light has become the go-to fluorescent tube replacement for businesses.

Easy Being Green offers businesses with LED fluorescent tube replacement for businesses in Sydney and Melbourne area. For energy efficient commercial lighting, contact our LED lighting experts on 1300 994 929.

Here’s everything you need to know about LED tube lights.

What are LED tube lights?

The LED tube light is the LED counterpart of the T8 fluorescent lamp. Compared to the fluorescent version, the LED tube light can produce the same light output with lesser energy consumption. The average lifespan of a T8 LED tube lamp is 50,000 hours versus the 30,000-hour life of a fluorescent lamp. This means lesser energy expense and maintenance costs for your business.

Aside from cost savings, the LED tube light offers several advantages over the fluorescent lamp. LED contains no mercury which makes it safer for the environment compared to fluorescent. It also offers a better quality of light, unlike the flickering issue that happens over the course of the fluorescent lamp life. LED technology also works well with automatic control systems that enable you to dim the light or set a timer.

As with all LED, the money that you pay upfront for LED light is usually a bit higher than fluorescent lamps. However, if you look at your overhead costs for your current fluorescent setup and compare it to how much you’ll spend if you switch to LED, choosing LED is a no-brainer. You can have a return on your investment faster than you think.

Easy Being Green product spotlight: Philips Corepro Tube

There are multiple LED tube light choices currently in the Sydney and Melbourne Market. But if you want to switch your current fluorescent lamp, you need to find an LED lamp that could fit your current light fixture.

The Philips Corepro Tube has a retrofit design that is the perfect LED fluorescent lamp replacement for your T8 fittings. It is one of the most affordable offerings we have at Easy Being Green that you can use for general lighting in your commercial spaces.

The Philips Corepro LED tube light produces a light output of 1600 lumens for 18W, compared to the 40W requirement of its fluorescent counterpart.

To learn more about this product and other LED fluorescent tube replacement options, get in touch with our LED lighting experts at Easy Being Green. Contact us on 1300 994 929 or send an email to enquiries@easybeinggreen.com.au