Best LED Light Installations in Sydney

As 2017 nearly comes to a close, let’s have a look at the top exhibitions of LED lights all around Sydney. From interactive art to social initiatives, these exemplify the impact of this modern lighting technology.

1. The Annual Vivid Sydney Show

Every year, locals and tourists take part in the grandest showcase of lights Sydney has to offer. The yearly celebration lights up the city’s iconic landmarks, from the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House.

Vivid Sydney’s beginnings can be traced back to 2009 as part of a music and arts festival. Esteemed lighting designers Mary-Anne Kyriakou and Bruce Ramus collaborated with British contemporary artist Brian Eno. The aim was to bring awareness to global warming through a series of creative events.

Since then, Vivid Sydney has become the biggest light festival in the Southern hemisphere. This year, the festival welcomed its most ambitious project yet—Dreamscape. Breaking through the Guinness World Records for the title of “largest interactive lighting display”, Vivid Sydney illuminated the Cahill Expressway and the entire Circular Quay precinct.

best led light installation in australia

Participants of any age can customise the display with just a touch of a button from a control room. This was made possible by a satellite navigation system and thousands of LED lights attached to vessels and ferries. The GPS-activated system was set up to break down the harbour into a grid of various colours. LED lights were glued by hand, outlining giant figures of animals—a bear, a tiger and a bilby, to name a few.

2. “We Live Here” Project

A community-driven project put Waterloo Estate's 60-storey Matavai and Turanga towers on the map. The effect of the multi-coloured LED lights on the high-rise property is hard to miss. Dubbed “We Live Here”, the neon-lit peaceful protest is all about shedding light on gentrification and its impact on residents on the verge of displacement.

With the goal to make the community more visible, 500 residents were offered a five-metre strip of LED lights to be installed in their windows. A remote control allows them to change the colour however and whenever they want.

Organised by creative producer Clare Lewis, the eye-catching public art initiative ran from September 9. It kicked off with a lively celebration complete with food trucks and live music to bring everyone involved together. LED lights flickered and shone in dazzling displays from 5PM-8PM every night until October 1.

3. Pipilotti Rist: Sip My Ocean

A pioneering force in video art, Pipilotti Rist invites art enthusiasts to the summer’s most anticipated otherworldly spectacles. Exclusive to Sydney, the extensive exhibition is anchored on the human experience.

Infused with whimsical elements, Rist’s works play with lighting and colours. “Pixel Forest”, for instance, was constructed out of 3,000 LED lights encased in resin and suspended from jungle vine cables.

Sip My Ocean is part of the Sydney International Art Series and co-presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art. It occupies the entire third floor of the museum. Rist’s series of installations will run from November 1, 2017 to February 18, 2018.

Over the next few months, expect to see more innovations in LED lights for commercial applications. One company that can guarantee quality LED light products is Easy Being Green. Contact us today on 1300 994 929.